Cpp Programming

Armstrong number or not
Swapping of 2 numbers
Average of N numbers
Reverse Of a number
Simple Interest

Programs on Arrays

Sum Of elements in an array
Largest element in an array
Smallest element in an array
Ascending Order
Descending Order
Even and Odd numbers in an array
Printing alternate elements in an array
Increment all the elements in an array
Decrement all the elements in an array
Average of all the elements in an array
Copy elements from one array to another array
Reverse the elements in an array
Maximum difference between all the elements in an array.

Matrix Addition
Matrix Substraction
Trace of a Matrix
Norm of a Matrix
Transpose of a given matrix
Lower Triangular Matrix
Upper Triangular Matrix

Programs on Searching and Sorting

Linear Search

Bubble Sort
Merge Sort
Quick Sort
Heap Sort

Programs on Patterns

Programs on Strings

Miscellaneous Programs

Computing the date of Easter Sunday